The number of people diagnosed with diabetes is at an all-time high. 4.6 million people across the UK suffer with the condition, with almost 9 out of 10 of those having Type 2 diabetes. But a recent study has shown that it’s possible to eliminate the condition in just six-months using ground-breaking eGym equipment.

The study, conducted in co-operation between eGym, Leipzig University and AG Diabetes & Sport, focused on average blood glucose levels across 23 diabetic patients.

Participants were required to complete predetermined exercises two to three times a week exclusively using pioneering eGym machines designed to guide users through their workout, using their height, weight and fitness levels as a gauge.

The results were impressive. By the end of just six-month, blood glucose levels in all participants had dropped significantly and a whopping nine participants were no longer classified as diabetic.

Furthermore, the more the participants trained, the larger the impact of the workout was on the decrease of the long-term blood glucose levels.

In essence, people got out what they put in.

eGym at CHANGE Hove

The study suggested that the optimal training for type 2 diabetes patients features a high number of repetition that work all major muscle groups over long periods of times.

The eGym circuit proved hugely successful in this respect because each machine has been carefully developed to work out at the correct speed, intensity duration and length of time for the user and their individual circumstances.

For people with Type 2 diabetes, the machines together with a person’s trainer, will provide accurate levels of tension without overtraining.

CHANGE Hove was the first UK facility to adopt eGym, initially enamoured by its life-changing capabilities.

CHANGE’s eGym circuit contains 18 eGym machines and users can keep up with their progress and track their workouts using the eGym fitness app.

CHANGE Hove is offering a one-day free trial to everyone who is interested in trying out the equipment for themselves.

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