Here at CHANGE we use a fingerprint scanner instead. No fussy, lost or broken cards - all you need is you!

No. Our studio membership includes Studio + Gym membership for £39.99/month. This gives you full access to the gym and all of our standard studio classes.
You can also choose our STUDIO ONLY membership for £29.99/month.

Sadly not. These guys are charged for separately. For a small upgrade fee you can switch up your membership to include these classes. Please grab any member of the Team for details.

Our monthly membership options are available to absolutely everyone, irrespective of your income, occupation or how you like your eggs in a morning.

Absolutely, we do! You can save £1.00 on your monthly membership for every friend you refer, that joins the club. All you need to do is let the Reception Team know as soon as your friend has joined and they will make sure your discount is applied on your ongoing membership fees.

Mi casa es su casa. Your guest can buy a day pass for £8.50. Just come along to reception for your guests to fill out a medical form.
*Card payments carry a £0.50 surcharge.

Yes, the joining fee is £26.

As a no contract gym, you can cancel your membership at any time. We do ask for a joining fee if you decide to rejoin us.

All the gear and no idea? Fear not. All new members of CHANGE are invited to book in for a complimentary 45 minute equipment know-how session. We do this in very small groups [up to 4 per session] and we give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to use the gym equipment both safely and correctly.

The session is taken by one of our in-house personal trainers.

We ask you to wear appropriate gym clothing and footwear and you'll want to bring a sweat towel and drink with you too.

To book your session, just check in to reception and book a time between 8.00am-8.00pm Monday to Friday or 8.00am-3.00pm at the weekend.

Yes. Not designed to sap the fun out of fitness, but to maintain order and a level of mutual respect amongst the CHANGE family. Please read our gym '10 Commandments' here.

Every 1st May, our monthly members pay a Club Enhancement Fee of £25.00 (£15 for Youth Members). Your direct debit will increase for this one month and then revert to your normal monthly fee.
Your Club Enhancement Fee;

  • is invested in club improvements and equipment upgrades based on member feedback and up-to-date innovations. We usually spend more than we take in. No fussy admin charges, all money is spent to benefit members.
  • make these upgrades and improvements possible.

Before you decide to leave us, you might want to check out our option to freeze your membership instead [see our freeze FAQ]. We hope you don't have to but we understand sometimes, that members have to leave us.

Membership collections are made on the first of every month. You can cancel your membership at any time by contacting your bank to cancel your direct debit.

Yes, we like to keep things as flexible as possible as we know that sometimes, you're busy taking care of other things. You can freeze your memberships for up to two months each year. We will alter your membership to £5.00 per month in each of these months for you.

Studio Classes

You can expect;

  • to be wowed!
  • a friendly atmosphere... We don't do divas!
  • to be welcomed by our Front of House Team, instructors and our members - our family!
  • to work hard, but have fun at the same time; we have worked hard to get this blend exactly right.
  • to want to come back!

Our Instructor Team is simply brilliant. We have the most experienced instructors in town. We auditioned every one of them; some of them have been with us now for fourteen years!

Our instructors must be certified for all of the classes that they teach and we ask for a minimum of 1 year's experience in each programme that they instruct before they join us at CHANGE. This helps us to guarantee the best workout experience for you!

If you joined online you will receive a WELCOME email explaining how to access the studio.

You will need to use your username and password to access our online class booking system to book all of your classes in advance.

It's always good to take some time thinking about what class is going to suit you. Have a look at our timetable and programme guide and have a chat to our Studio Help Desk Team so that you can plan a weekly schedule that suits your fitness goals and what you enjoy the most.

We always recommend you try a few classes and different teachers until you find the class that hits the spot.

  • Loose comfortable clothing with maximum support. Or alternatively, something lycra or neon or sparkly if that makes you feel good!
  • Suitable non-slip footwear/trainers [or spin shoes for our RIDE classes with SPD cleats]
  • Water/drinks bottle - it's important to keep hydrated whilst exercising
  • Sweat towel
  • Padlock for use with our lockers
  • And don't worry! With enough already for you to think about in life, we have water/padlocks and sweat towels for sale at the studio should you forget to bring yours with you!

There's a first time for everyone who comes along to CHANGE, so don't worry.

Be prepared. Be early [at least 10 minutes]. This way you have time to settle in and enjoy your class.

Talk to your instructor as soon as you arrive letting them know it's your first time in class so that they can help you to set up for your class.

RIDE Set Up only takes 15 minutes but it's the best 15 minutes you will spend to help you find your feet in our indoor cycling classes.

It's important to make sure that your bike is properly adjusted according to your height so that your posture is safe and effective during class. When set up correctly, you will get maximum benefits [and results!] from every class you do. Plus, you'll avoid any injury to your joints. Our instructors will set up your bike for you and talk you through how to adjust the saddle, handle bars and the resistance of your bike as you ride, how to safely sit, sprint and perform moves, such as jumps, and take different hand positions. This means that when you join your first RIDE class, you'll know how to make these adjustments yourself with no hassle, and simply saddle up instead.

Generally our class are for ALL abilities. But as a guide, when you book you can check to see if our classes are labelled either Beginners/Intermediate or for ALL LEVELS. Whatever your level of fitness you are welcome to every class because everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace and our experienced instructors can gently encourage you to increase your pace as they see your fitness improve.

It's about listening to your body and advice from your doctor too. Our general rule is that if you have been coming to a workout pre-pregnancy then you can continue that workout with the correct modifications to your resistance, position or intensity during your workout. Our instructors will help you with those. We don't recommend that you try a new workout during your pregnancy.

Check out this helpful guide from our friends at Les Mills.
Like Les Mills, we advise that you avoid Combat classes and other high intensity options.

At the start of every class, our Instructors will ask if there are any pregnancies in the room. Please use this opportunity to get up to date advice on adjustments for your class as your pregnancy develops, so that we can help to support you along the way.

15 years is the minimum age for our classes.
If it's a RIDE class, then it will also depend on height too, to ensure that the rider is able to maintain a safe posture throughout the ride. Participants need to be tall enough to get an appropriate seat height and fore/aft adjustments. As a general rule, our bikes fit people who are a minimum of 4' 11".

You can book all classes up to eight days in advance of your class date here.

Say hello to the guys at the reception desk. Our Help Desk team will be happy to confirm your arrival and book you in to your class.

All you need to do is drop your bag in your locker, grab your towel and water and you are good to go!

You need to be at your class within the first five minutes so that you don't miss the warm up. If you arrive later than that, unfortunately, you most likely will not be allowed to join in.

We ask that you let your instructor know at the start of the class if you need to leave a little early so as you disappear, the Instructor knows you are okay and can manage the dynamics or the karma of the class as you leave.

It's especially important that you cool down and stretch post workout so, if you are going to miss this part of the class, please let us know.

RIDE classes at CHANGE have male and female showers, sauna and changing rooms.
At Blatchington Road and St Andrew's we do not have have showers but a female changing area and toilets are available to freshen up!

Lockers are available across all sites and we ask you to bring a padlock with you to secure your own.
We do have a no bag policy in the studio - to make more room for you guys instead!

If we find anything after class [generally water bottles and towels!] we will save these in our lost property department at the studio. We ask that any lost items are claimed within a month of losing them.
If you think you have left anything at the studio please email studios@changehove.com and we can check for you.

Our Help Desk Team at the studio in Blatchington Road are available Monday through to Friday 10.00am to 2.00pm and 5.00pm to 8.00pm and Saturdays and Sundays 9.00am to 11.00am.
Outside of these hours, you will be given your own access code to attend classes.

Yes you can! Please come along during our staffed reception hours.

Blatchington Road and St. Andrew's are adjacent studios. For both locations there is plenty of on-street parking directly outside and there is a Tesco supermarket a short walk away too.

If your desired class is full, you can opt to join our waiting list. You will be offered the next available space on a first-come-first-serve basis - Or you can book another exciting workout instead!

  • Bookings need to be cancelled a minimum of 4 hours before the class start time. This must be done online.
  • Classes not attended or cancelled within the notice period are considered 'No Shows'.
  • 'No Shows' will be charged and your class booking system 'blocked'.
  • We offer 'one free no show' every 6 months as a goodwill gesture.
  • 'No Shows' incur a charge of £6 which will need to be paid to unblock your account and allow you to book further classes.

Go to class booking system and select "forgotten password". A new, temporary password will then be sent to you via email.

Generally, we never cancel a class, but we only want to run classes that members want to attend. Turning up for a class to find you and one other person are the only attendees, can spoil a class with an ordinarily amazing vibe! If a class has less than 3 people on the attendance register we will aim to give you at least 4 hours notice [a bit more difficult for a 6.30am class admittedly, but we make every attempt] that we need to cancel the class.

Otherwise, we may cancel a class in the event of an emergency or instructor illness, which we have not been able to cover and will give you as much notice as possible via phone, text or email.

Most of our workouts require studio training shoes/non slip trainers. However, you may also opt to wear indoor cycling shoes for our Ride Cycle sessions. These shoes need to be fitted with SPD cleats.

Some of our workouts are barefoot such as Yoga/Body Balance and Boogie Bounce.


Changing rooms and toilets
Vending stocked with healthy refuel snacks, workout towels

At this price there are some things we just can't offer! At most clubs only a very small proportion of members actually use the pool, but all members end up paying for it in higher gym fees.

We have several, well-qualified personal trainers at the club, who offer a range of 1-2-1 or group sessions. Check out who's who here, or come and meet them at the club.

Yes, safe as houses. The sign-up section of the website is also secure and any details you enter will be encrypted before being sent to the server.

If we were a betting gym, the likelihood is that you're all set to work with us to develop your current fitness levels, whatever your starting point.

However, it is essential to make sure there's nothing going on that we should know about that could affect your ability to work out effectively and, more importantly, safely. Please read our Health Commitment Statement before you exercise.

Of course you can!

TRIBE guarantees results by combining effective training methods: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Heart Rate Training (HRT); it's a smart way to train in a short space of time when you're focusing on fat loss results - you'll also burn more calories for up to 38 hours after every workout.

Sounds like your kind of deal? To get started on your free taster session, sign up here and let us know a day and time that suits you, so that we can get you booked in.

Why not! Just come along between 8.00am and 8.00pm Monday to Friday or 8.00am to 3.00pm Saturday and Sunday and one of our Team will be happy to show you what's what.

We're not talking abandoned hockey sticks and football boots like it's 1985, but we're all human and with busy lives, sometimes we leave stuff behind.

If you have left something at the gym, please ask a member of the reception team on your next visit, or email helpdesk@changehove.com.

Tssssssssss. Yes, accessible via both changing rooms. We ask all members using the sauna to wear either a towel or swimwear.

The facility code is A4LUK001

We post the opening times on our website for holiday periods two weeks in advance of the start of each holiday. We also notify members via Facebook. On any given holiday, you can also check the day's opening times on the home page.

Bank Holiday open hours;
We are normally open from 8am-2pm on Bank Holidays.
However we are closed on New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Xmas Day and Boxing Day.

There is parking outside the gym but it is limited during the day. The spaces reserved for our neighbouring businesses can be used after 5.00pm during weekdays and any time at the weekend.

There is also free neighbourhood parking in the immediate area too.


Please ask us at reception or contact us here and we will be happy to help.

Gym and Studio FAQs


Help us to help others. If you have a question that hasn't been covered and you think that it may be helpful to others, please enter it below. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.