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Put more years on your life and more life in your years with our help.

Recent research has shown that a group of over 50's who engaged in high levels of physical activity doubled their chance to avoid stroke, heart disease, angina and diabetes as well as dramatically increasing the likelihood of maintaining optimal physical and mental shape 10 years later.

Its great to hear that, but what would maintaining a regular exercise routine mean to you? We asked our members what benefits and changes they had seen in themselves since joining  Forever Fit and they told us that they;

  • Love the eGym strength equipment and how easy it is to use (learn more about eGym here)
  • Find attending the sessions gives them a great focus and start to the day
  • Have more energy for chasing after their grandchildren (and children!)
  • Have a better mental well being and improved sleep
  • Are proud of their achievements and feel great
  • Look forward to the challenge of learning new things each session
  • Found its a great way to make new friends and enjoy the social activities

When you start on your fitness journey with us you will have a personalised induction with a dedicated member of the team. This induction includes a full set up of the eGym equipment and introduction to the main gym facilities, of which you will have full access.

Our Forever Fit members have a choice of a minimum of 2 daily group sessions in our studio, the sessions are for a maximum of 12 and are always instructor lead, giving you the chance to work alongside the other members at your own pace. See more below.

We would love for you to come in and see for yourself what we have to offer. Fill in the enquiry form and our Foreverfit co-ordinator will aim to call you within 24 hours to book a free initial consultation where we can show you the special equipment, the club and studio and answer any questions you may have before you make a decision to join us.


To register your interest, please send us your details
or call us on 01273 944089

Or call us on
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Why ForeverFit?

  • Guaranteed progression

  • Easy to do

  • Helpful coaches

  • Social time and free drinks

  • Fun classes

About Foreverfit

Our team of coaches are experienced in dealing with all levels of fitness including those members with injuries, joint replacements and general lack of full movement. We are all about keeping you fit, healthy and enjoying a full active life well into old age, but please note we are not a chair exercise club or a replacement for medical physiotherapy as you will need to be able to climb the stairs into our gym and studios.

Take a look below at our sessions which are carefully planned to include movement and exercise that improves: Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Co-ordination and Endurance.

  • Strength: There are physical and mental benefits gained through strength training. In our strength classes you will use various types of weights and your own body weight to help to improve muscle strength and tone. This will help protect your joints from injury, maintaining flexibility and balance, which can help you to remain independent as you age. The class takes the form of a circuit.
  • Flex, ROM & Relax: As we age our muscles and joints weaken and our range of movement deteriorates. Our Flexibility and ROM class will not only improve your flexibility, but increase circulation and blood flow, improve your range of motion and provide a greater quality of life and promote healthy ageing. You will be able to learn some mindfulness techniques that will help you to relax.
  • Ride and Rip: A fun indoor cycling class with some strength thrown in for good measure. Improve your cardio fitness and lower body on the bike and use weights and body weight to include that upper body strength.
  • Boxing Fitness: You might not believe it now, but you will soon be taking part in a fun, boxing, cardio and strength class! These sessions help develop endurance, co-ordination and stamina. From the first moment you throw a punch, you are breathing heavily, your heart is pumping, arms, chest, shoulders, core and legs working in unison. Try it and see for yourself!
  • Endurance: Our endurance class will help build stamina and strength. Endurance can be both aerobic and muscular. Expect to work for longer periods of time or until you've reached your limit, the class will include balance and repetitive movements. There are great benefits to endurance training including keeping your heart healthy, helping you to do the things that you like doing for longer, plus improving your sleep and mood.
  • CV: Expect your heart rate to rise! Working in a circuit or at High Intensity, your blood starts to pump a lot faster. With both of these types of training you will be trying to work at 80-95% of your maximum. You will be working hard to achieve your own goals. There will be short bursts of intensity with longer rest periods. CV training will help with weight loss, helping burn calories for longer after you've exercised and lower blood pressure, improving your heart health.

All of our sessions are delivered in a fun, social and safe environment.
After your session stop and have a cuppa with your fellow Forever Fitters. We have a great social calendar too, its a chance to make new friends and get involved in activities outside of the gym.

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