Gym Rules Icon Non-members on a Guest Pass are welcome in the club to train. Everyone is welcome to visit us to have a look around. If you sneak in non-members, your membership will be forfeited and you'll have to stay weak forever.
Gym Rules Icon It's a cliche but it's true: If you're big enough to lift it, you're big enough to put it back. Please put your weights back where you found them and help us to keep the gym tidy for everyone.
Gym Rules Icon If you're dropping your weights, they're too heavy for you, keep it controlled.
Gym Rules Icon You must have a sweat towel at all times. Work hard enough you'll need one.
Gym Rules Icon Please wear appropriate clothing at all times. You can't train properly if you don't dress properly.
Gym Rules Icon We ask you to keep all bags off the gym floor or in the lockers provided. All items are left at your own risk.
Gym Rules Icon Any thieves will be given an old school punishment and leave the gym with one less hand.
Gym Rules Icon Please don't eat on the gym floor. Focus your energy on lifting not chewing. It's impossible to do both well at the same time.
Gym Rules Icon No phone calls on the gym floor. Tell your friends how amazing our gym is on the way home.
Gym Rules Icon Any physical or verbal abuse towards staff will not be tolerated. There are more of us than you so don't mess! Be nice.