From the minute you walk into the gym to see us, you'll get a sense of what we're about. Our laid back and welcoming environment hits you head on, at the door; we pride ourselves on the community, which we have grown over the years and how so many members have become genuine friends with us - though it does make for more raucous member events.

The way we see it: it's a two-way street, and many of our decisions are made by our members themselves. We're all ears.

You'll find everything you need on the gym floor to get you started. From cross-trainers to rowing machines, to free weights and cables. We've thought outside of the box too with the introduction of three innovative technologies, each designed to help you to get more from every workout you bank.

eGYM, a UK First!


A new style of training to shape up, available at CHANGE. Already in premium health clubs in Europe, eGYM has landed in the UK first at CHANGE, offering you the ability to workout without thinking about sets, reps or faffing about swapping weights. Instead, all the settings are automatically controlled according to your level, which is pre-set by our team, which means that all you need to do is focus on the movement you're making - and those results that you want.

eGYM isn't about pumping iron. There's zero worry wondering how to workout with weights, for different muscle groups and string individual exercises together. Because we do all of that for you, helping you to workout more efficiently and progress more effectively than ever before.

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Your personal effort monitor


We hooked up with MYZONE because MYZONE encourage people to move and has the same love for keeping people on their toes as we do.

Follow the effort you put in every workout on your own private account online to see every improvement that you make along the way, challenge friends across the country and get rewarded for every move you make. Say what? It's true.



In order to feel happy by realising how far you have come, it is important to understand where you started. That makes sense, right? The same applies every time you set yourself a new fitness goal. Goals are ongoing. For example, if you lose 1lb of fat, the chances are, you're going to want to lose two.

So, whether you want to feel ready trying a new class, to run that bit further or to be wedding-ready, knowing your starting position sets you up for both success and a well-deserved pat on the back for the results you achieved. And chances are, more MYZONE reward points too.

With Boditrax, these results are no longer subjective. They're hard, fast numbers, so you can proudly stake claim of the real changes that you know you are making. I'll take that.