Free Parking + Latest Equipment = Great Workout

Free Parking.
2 Floors.
7 Days Per Week.
Latest Equipment.
Long Open Times.
Staff On Call.

For 17 years we have provided a friendly, encouraging and enjoyable environment, for all ages and abilities. We are proud of what we have done for the community, and the success of all our members through the years.

What Our Members Say

“I love the egym as it makes it so easy, I also like the foreverfit classes to vary things and the social benefits.”

Laura - Gym & eGym

“’ve got bigger, and stronger and this is a positive way to spend my time, what’s not to love!”

Dom - Gym

“I put the time in and got 30 years back, great setup 10/10.”

Paula - Gym & eGym

“My Bio-age just keep dropping as I work hard and get stronger and fitter. How can you not like that!”

Pippa - Gym & eGym

“I have chosen to aim for high goals in a short period of time, the training is working and suits me so well.”

Carl - Gym, eGym & PT

“The Gym and eGym is a huge stress relief from my busy job, so easy to do and I don’t need to think about it just put in the effort and do it.”

Jo - eGym

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Opening Times

Monday 6am – 10pm
Tuesday 6am – 10pm
Wednesday 6am – 10pm
Thursday 6am – 10pm
Friday 6am – 8pm
Saturday 7am – 5pm
Sunday 7am – 5pm.


Unit 1,
Portland Road Trading Estate,
BN3 5NT.
Tel: 01273 415 515
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Established In 2002, we lead the way in providing unique fitness services that work for everyone.

Come and visit it us, reach your goal.