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“His main areas of expertise are lean muscle building and deeply understanding and connecting with clients’ needs and goals, as well as a keen interest in biomechanics and anatomy. He loves to see his clients making progress, and to see the change in mindset which happens throughout the whole process.”


Revolution Manager

“I absolutely love Tribe! The members are totally inspirational and amaze me each and every session, with their can do attitude and readiness to push themselves through the intensity of whatever is thrown at them. I hope to see you in one of my sessions very soon!”


Tribe Manager

“I believe that we need to be challenged in order to make ourselves stronger which is why I live by the motto ‘Great things never come from the comfort zone’! My sessions are full of energy and great music and I hope to catch you in one soon.”


Tribe Instructor

“TRIBE is so much fun to teach and take part in as its high intensity interval training with great music, what more could you want?

Come on your own or bring a friend and I’ll see you there :)”


Tribe Instructor

“He is highly motivated and is always looking to challenge himself and his clients to achieve their full potential. His sessions are fun, effective and not for the faint hearted.

If you’re looking to work hard and see great results, Luis is the trainer for you.”


Revolution PT

“I am passionate about High Intensity Interval Training, it is consistently challenging, can improve your athletic endurance, increase your metabolism and help you build lean muscle while dropping fat…winning combination!

TRIBE is ever evolving and I am really excited to be a part of the team! I hope to see you in my session soon.”


Tribe Instructor

“On completing my military career, I followed my passion for health & fitness and became a level 4 personal trainer.

Being a HIIT Tribe Trainer is so very rewarding… let me help you become who you want to be.”


Tribe Instructor

“Helping others to transform their lives through exercise is the biggest buzz for me and I see every session as an opportunity to bring together amazing members, great music and a kick ass program that delivers big time.”


Tribe Instructor

“Specialising in exercise for mental health, Phoebe is passionate about improving both your mental and physical body image.”


Revolution PT

“Tribe has so much to offer to help encourage you to push your mind and body to ultimately see growth in your fitness and determination.”

Hannah B

Tribe Instructor

“He will be totally honest with you, keeping it simple and coaching you to understand what really matters when working towards your fitness goals. Forming an understanding of crucial principles will allow you to make decisions for yourself, and remove dependency on fitness fads.”


Revolution PT

“I love taking part in the sessions too… after all practice what you preach right?! I hope to see you soon whether it be one of my classes or doing the session together… see you there!”


Tribe Instructor

“All progress takes place outside your comfort zone… I am here to help you get there.”


Change Instructor

“Tribe challenges you whilst keeping it fresh and fun every session. Perfect recipe = mix high intensity exercises + great music + lighting + focus on technique and lovely members… end result = Tribe.”


Change & Tribe

“Need to make changes fast? I can put you on a structured fintess plan, we work weekly to hit your targets.”


Revolution PT

“ForEverFit gets to the heart of what we do here. Feel young and healthy no matter what age you are, all over 50’s are very welcome.”



“The atmophere at Change and Tribe is seen on everyone’s face when they finish their session, see you in a few days time.”



“what makes a great gym is variety. In the people, the goals and the directions. The results show one thing… success.”



“Working a class to get the best out of everyone is pretty special. In the moment, their is room for that extra mountain climber, and everyone nails it.”



“If you see me around, need some help, just ask.”



“Come and find me, tell me what you need, their is so much on offer, let’s get started.”



“Fitness is the core value that links to everything in life, if you feel good, sleep well, have energy to make the most out of your day, then we can all achieve our goals… and give everything we have got when needed. “



“We don’t just have of members of Tribe Challenge, they are a group of people going beyond what they imagined to be possible, believing, committing. Seeing this transformation is priceless, I love the journey. “


Tribe Challenge Mentor

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Established In 2002, we lead the way in providing unique fitness services that work for everyone.

Come and visit it us, reach your goal.