We Like This Gym

What Our Members Say

“What a combo, only took two months to get 19 years younger.”

Karina - Tribe & eGym

“I love this place, everyone is friendly, great atmosphere, plus I get a great workout… Joined back in 2007.”

Pat - ForeverFit

“I have got myself into great shape here and still improving. What a great place to train and feel welcome.”

Francois - Gym

“Super friendly feels like a social event when I attend. Previously I had no courage to start exercise, but Change gym and egym have made all the difference and it makes me feel happy now.”

Wendy - eGym

“Now I have a bit more time in my life, this gym and egym makes it easy to get the results I want. I love the feeling of the club.”

Andy - eGym

“I want to attend more as I like the results I have already received. I have reduced my bio age by a massive 39 years and thin you are all so helpful and friendly, and I appreciate the cleanliness of the club”

Christina - eGym

“I find the foreverfit classes I attend are full of great people, this makes using the club such fun. All the staff here are great and that’s what makes the difference for me.”

Christine - Foreverfit

“Gym: I love the new E-Flexx and E-gym equipment, I have really enjoyed being a member for years it has always been a great place to train.”

Neil - eGym

“Between work, I am here early or late to get my workouts three times per week.”

Howard - Gym

“The equipment is fantastic, even for a tall guy, love it here.”

Simon - eGym

“I put the time in and got 30 years back, great setup 10/10.”

Paula - eGym

“The ease of getting my e-gym workout done is brilliant. Makes me feel so much better when I train and lose myself from daily pressures for a short time.”

Cathy - eGym

“I’ve got bigger, and stronger and this is a positive way to spend my time, what’s not to love!”

Dom - Gym

“I like a gym where there is a variety of equipment, glad I found Change, and free parking.”

Dene - Gym

“I just love it all, the company, the feeling of wellbeing. I am so much stronger than I was. The social events make this even better.”

Dee - Foreverfit

“Energised is the main benefit I feel. This new fitness has just helped me recover from an illness and I always feel better after my workouts.”

Eileen - ForeverFit

“I am 20 years younger already, have never been to a gym before.”

Laura - eGym

“Super positive experience, I’m hitting my goal to be active, great way to fill my time and now toning up through the egym means I am burning more calories day to day to keep my weight down.”

Martin - eGym

“I find it so easy to use, it is taylored to me, and I don’t have to think about it.”

Dairin - eGym

“I love the egym as it makes it so easy, I also like the foreverfit classes to vary things and the social benefits.”

Ruth - ForeverFit

“Staff are great this is a non-ego gym. I love it”

Nick - Gym & Tribe

“I have chosen to aim for high goals in a short period of time, the training is working and suits me so well.”

Carl - eGym & PT

“eGym is a huge stress relief from my busy job, so easy to do and I don’t need to think about it just put in the effort and do it.”

Jo - eGym

“My Bio-age just keep dropping as I work hard and get stronger and fitter. How can you not like that!”

Pippa - eGym

Opening Times

Monday 6am – 10pm
Tuesday 6am – 10pm
Wednesday 6am – 10pm
Thursday 6am – 10pm
Friday 6am – 8pm
Saturday 7am – 5pm
Sunday 7am – 5pm.


Unit 1,
Portland Road Trading Estate,
BN3 5NT.
Tel: 01273 415 515
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Established In 2002, we lead the way in providing unique fitness services that work for everyone.

Come and visit it us, reach your goal.